FAQ Q280: My planyo site was created before April 2015. How can I upgrade to new schemes and what are these schemes?

What are the new schemes and why should I upgrade

The new "schemes" are a collection of CSS stylesheets, templates and settings which determine the look&feel of the booking process on mobile devices, tablets and desktops. Here are the advantages of using the schemes:

What do the new schemes look like?

Demos using the planyo scheme: Demo 1 Demo 2 Demo 3
Demos using the bootstrap scheme: Demo 1 Demo 2 [work in progress]

Here are some screenshots from the new Planyo scheme:

Resource listing - Planyo scheme

Resource details - Planyo scheme

Booking form - Planyo scheme

Here are screenshots from the responsive Bootstrap scheme:

Resource listing - Bootstrap scheme

Booking form - Bootstrap scheme

What are the potential problems when upgrading?

Upgrading to a new scheme can be only potentially problematic when you have already customized the templates or the styles by using an external stylesheet. If this is the case, you will need to do the following:

How to upgrade to the new schemes?

You'll need to go to Settings / CSS style editor. Then choose one of the schemes from the Advanced integration scheme dropdown and click Set. Note that this will automatically back up your existing settings and download them to your disk. At any time in the future, if you wish to go back to these settings, you will be able to click on Restore from backup and choose this file. Another thing that's possible to do with this backup is to restore a single template in case you'd like to use it instead of the template used by the scheme.

Important: If you used one of our modules/plugins for advanced integration, you will also need download the latest version (2.6 or later) from our website (go to Settings / Integrate with my website / Advanced) and replace the old version on your website with this one.

How to customize the selected scheme?

If you want your reservation form to use 2 columns, you'll need to go to Settings / Reservation form layout and set the width of each form item. Setting the scheme will not do this for you because the reservation form layout is not part of the scheme.

See this tutorial for all other customizations which can be done.
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