FAQ Q209: Will planyo let clients reserve two kinds of resources at the same time (e.g. room and staff member)?

Yes, you can do this by specifying one of the resource types as your planyo resource. In the typical case of reserving a staff member and an object (room, boat, car, tennis court etc.), the object should be the planyo resource and the staff member should be added to the reservation form as an additional item (in resource settings / reservation form layout). This item should be of type drop-down and the choices should be all your staff members. Then you should select Same choice not possible for more than one reservation for this item. This will prevent two clients from reserving the same staff member for the same time.

Of course, in many cases your setup should be different, that is, staff members should be your resources and the objects reserved (e.g. different boats) should be listed in the drop-down item. This depends on what is more important for the customer, the choice of staff member or of the object reserved. The whole backend (reports etc.) will always show the resource much more clearly than the other choice.

Please also see the Unique property values section of the FAQ question Q220 for more information.
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