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Lists invoices for given reservation or invoices generated in given period. This function only works with parent&corrective invoices.


reservation_id int optional
Reservation ID. Either reservation_id or start_date & end_date need to be specified
start_date DateTime optional
Start date of the period for which invoices should be returned. Note that the max span of the period is 31 days
end_date DateTime optional
End date of the period
language string optional
by specifying a 2-letter (ISO 639-1) language code (all capital letters e.g. EN, DE, FR, ES, IT) you can change the language of the text values returned
api_key string required
your API key - Click here to get your key. If your API key uses a hash key, you must also include the parameters hash_key and hash_timestamp.


results array
Array whose items are named arrays containing invoice data (each item contains data about a single invoice). The keys are as follows:
reservation_id - ID of the reservation the invoice belongs to
resource_id - ID of the reserved resource
sequential_number - the sequential number of the invoice; unique for the planyo site
is_parent_invoice - 'true' for parent invoice and 'false' for corrective invoice
creation_date - the date when the invoice was generated
url - the url where the invoice can be downloaded. By default, the link returns a PDF file. You can make it return HTML code by adding the parameter '&output=html'

API playground:

Click here to test this function in the API playground.
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