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Lists shopping carts for a site or metasite. You can limit the carts listed to specific dates or only the ones that were checked out. A maximum of 500 carts will be listed. For further items use the 'page' parameter.


start_time DateTime optional
Start of time period
end_time DateTime optional
End of time period
site_id int optional
For metasite API keys you can limit the results to carts created within a single site context
site_id int optional
Planyo site ID (needed if using a metasite api key and you only want the results to come from a single site)
list_checked_out_only bool optional
If left empty or set to true, then only checked-out carts will be listed. Set this to false if you'd also like to list shopping carts which were abandoned or have not yet been checked out
sort_reverse bool optional
Set to true to list more recent carts first. Set to false (default) to list older carts first
page int optional
Zero-based page number. The default is 0. Each page lists max 500 carts.
language string optional
by specifying a 2-letter (ISO 639-1) language code (all capital letters e.g. EN, DE, FR, ES, IT) you can change the language of the text values returned
api_key string required
your API key - Click here to get your key. If your API key uses a hash key, you must also include the parameters hash_key and hash_timestamp.


results array
Array whose items are named arrays with the following keys: id, reservation_ids (comma-separated IDs), creation_time, checked_out, checkout_time.

API playground:

Click here to test this function in the API playground.
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